Monday, June 14, 2010

Exp 03 - Colours and Textures used

Exp 03 - Image Captures

This image shows the relationship between the Powerful and the Powerless; two structures above the valley and bridge. The angle of this image was chosen to emphasis the Power instilled upon the two structures by the shadowed bridge and valley below. This image clearly displays the depended relationship power has, not only with that in power, but everyone who comes in contact with it. The red cables show the flow of power displayed here.

This image displays Angela Merkel’s office and building, its rectangular form is derived from her distinctive and systematic and analytical way of thinking, her work habits and political influences. The ridged structure is juxtaposed by the natural, almost living environment, to emphasis how different these forms are. Showing it’s dominates, Merkel’s structure overpowers its surrounding with loud colours and detailed textures.

This image displays Kerr’s office and building, it is curvaceous form is to represent a typical womanly figure, as with Merkel’s it stands out above the valley below with its bold colours and textures.

Above is the meeting place for Kerr and Merkel to meet, the area has been designed to create a focus in the space, this focus is the table in the middle in which Kerr and Merkel will meet. The outer edges of the space is shaped almost like a grandstand, for all the view.
The above is the office area of Kerr's structure, the bright colour were to emphasis femininity. The stand like form in the middle of the room is a "cat walk" for Kerr to strut down, above her subordinates.
The above image is of Merkel's office above her structure, it has two large glazed areas at the front of the room so that she may see over all her subordinates doing her work. This image is a good presentation of textures being used.

Exp 03 - Elevator and Dinning Table

The elevator was designed to be spherical in shape with a firm solid base in amongst the sphere. Also to be clear so that to allow 360° views of the valley. I wanted to create an elevator that was far from the typical, I wanted to create an elevator that started at nothing and developed, transformed to create an elevator which had meaning. The sides of the elevator will completely surround Kerr, this idea was derived from her need to be constantly surround by admirers and to be the ‘centre’ of attention. The physical shape of the elevator was taken from Kerr’s physical appearance, curvaceous with endless smooth surfaces. I wanted the movement of the elevator to be fluid and to curl itself around the bridge to emphasis Kerr need for attention.
The elevator was designed to be rectangular to emphasis her confirmative ways, with clean straight lines with a bold colour. I wanted the elevator to begin inside the form building as apart of the space, then change physically as it then becomes more than apart of the building but a significant piece of architecture as an elevator. I wanted the elevator to move down the valley floor in a smooth fluent motion, displaying its confidence as it moves. I also wanted the elevator to attach itself to the bridge as it continue its decent down to further display how power needs to be assistant to operate, whilst still remaining distinctively Angeline Merkel.
The base of the elevator was designed to be rectangular with clean crisp straight lines which would continue to remain constant through out the elevators movement, consequentially showing how people in power still need to be grounded at some point.
The sides were designed to provide a safer elevator for Mekel and were spaced apart to allow 360° views of the valley. It was also designed with the concept of power in mind; Merkel power more particularly. The elevator is spacious so she does not feel claustrophobic, this is further emphasised with the use of spacing the sides apart vertical.
Above are four images, the I choose to use the one on the bottom as the main image as I felt it was the best to visually display the table, chair and its surroundings. The other three images further express the ideas that I was trying to convoy when I was designing this.
I choose to use a circular table as I felt it would be the best way to represent the idea of a continue flow of ideas that would be shared at this table. I wanted to cut out portions of the table show that Kerr and Merkel would for one be closer together and be more able to converse. I also did this so that the couple would be almost apart of the table. In the surrounding of the table you can see a almost grandstand seating area, this would be used for people to watch, stare or observe from above, which ever you prefer. The roof of this space is slanted downwards towards the centre of the space, where the table lies. I also made a whole in the roof to allow light to rush into the space below to further emphasis there centrality within the space. When spectators would be the this area their view or focus would have to be the centre of the room.
For the chairs used in the space I wanted them to be simply but distinctively represent their owners. For the chairs are simple yet stand out quite significantly with their change in texture and colour.
The space that I created in simply floating on the water below, this idea was derived from the concept that power isn’t always permanent, and can be taken away quite easily; the space could simply sink if changes were made to the circumstances which under the space is controlled.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exp 03 - Elevator Perspectives

This was taken from inside Merkel's Building at the top of the elevator, the perspective her is out over the country side and a hint of Kerr's building.
This is was taken from just off the elevator at the bottom of the valley, here you can see the vastness of the valley as the sun comes up over the water.